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We are always extremely grateful for any help that anybody can offer to help with the day-to-day care with the cats. If you can offer anytime please fill in the volunteering form or come out an see us.

Volunteering can prove to be a very rewarding and fulfilling activity, giving up just a little of your time can make all the difference to the cats and kittens at the centre as well as being a great help to all the staff and to Cats Protection as a whole.

At Hereford Adoption Centre we always welcome new volunteers who are willing to help, either within the centre, cleaning or socialising or outside the centre to help with fundraising. We do understand that to fit volunteering in and around normal hectic life can be difficult but for the efficient day to day running of the Adoption Centre it is important that we have a team of staff and volunteers that can commit to set days and times as much as possible.

The general routine at the Adoption Centre is the cleaning of cat cabins, dishes and litter trays between 8.30am and 10.30am, between 11am and 3pm is when volunteers can socialise and groom the cats and kittens.

Volunteering tasks that we have available are:

Cleaning of cabins, pens, dishes and litter trays
Socialising, grooming with cats and kittens.
Fundraising - either collecting items for events, helping out at open days, distributing leaflets etc.

For further information please don't hesistate to contact us, please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can assist you as best as we can.

Giving a little time, will make a very big difference.

Many thanks in advance!
Cat Care Volunteer

Across Cats Protection our feline friends looking for new homes are cared for either at our adoption centres, by volunteer fosterers in their own homes or in purpose built pens in their gardens. Our cat care volunteers are part of a passionate team that look after and meet the needs of cats whilst they are in our care. This is an exciting role for cat lovers, as our cat care volunteers get to spend time directly with the cats when cleaning their pens, helping with feeding and when enriching their lives before they find their forever homes. 

Closing date: 30 Jul 2018